Wednesday, April 11, 2007

All I want to do...

What's a musher to do when spring arrives? Being of a slightly obsessive nature to start with, the only plausible answer is to find a new obsession. I have found mine--playing with gas and fire to make tiny works of art--glass beads! All I want to do is make beads! (Try not to freak out Mom, so far no explosions and only a minor finger tip burn--note to self, glass stays hot for a long while!)

This was my first set, made 8 days ago, the beginning of the end!

These were my second batch of beads, made on Thursday of last week. I don't really like any of them, but I had a great time creating them!

And these are my most recent creations and the ones I like the best so far!

Carmen at Aurora Glass has been a very good teacher, despite the fact that I'm sure she's sick of seeing me! She used to work at Yukon Vet though so she is used to seeing my face! I spent alot of time and money there before Alpine opened. I have no doubt that I will be spending just as much time and money in her glass store! I need my own torch, oxygen concentrator, a kiln, more colors of glass, more tools....ect, ect. Cuz I didn't have enough ways to spend my time and money already!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! I have always wanted to try glasswork, and I can totally relate to the addictive nature of it. As someone who jumps from addicive craft to addictive craft, I have quite an extensive collection of silversmithing tools, including a good torch, gas cylinders, a variety of mandrels etc. Let me know if you ever want to diversify your craftwork, and perhaps we could teach one another! Your beads would look divine with some silver spirals and things to go with them. :)


Khady Lynn said...

Wow, those are absolutely beautiful!!

Maybe you could make doggie necklaces!


Carol said...

Note from the new hobby and understand the addictive part as you will recall I still quilt at weird hours. The beads and colors are beautiful.