Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A birthday and breakthough...

Finally a happy post!

I'm not sure where the time went, but today is Earle's 8th Birthday.

Earle was my first husky. Muskwa was around first, but he wasn't then and never will be my dog. Earle is mine. He lulled me into a false sense of security. If all Huskies were as easy to contain, train and manage as Earle is, there would be no need for seven foot fences, locks on gate latches, dig proof fence bottoms, leashes, and there would never be an emergency trip to the vet resulting from a dog fight. Earle does none of those things. He likes every other dog on the planet; he likes every person he's ever met; he is incapable of fighting; he shares his treats and toys; he even likes the cats! Life would be much simplier if they were all like Earle! Happy Birthday sweet-pea! And to your brother too. I wish he was still here to grow old with you. And that's the only even kinda sad thing I'm typing tonight...

Sundin decided to tonight would be a good day for a little breakthough. Sundin has lived here for 19 months. In that time, not once has he approached me and of his own accord let me pet him. Chained up or cornered or in harness, Sundin is quite approachable. Untethered, he's a spooky, shy, timid little dog who wants next to nothing to do with humans. He was never abused, much of his behavior is genetic and wasn't compensated for when he was a wee one. He's seven years old now and progress is slow!

Tonight, Sundin trotted up to me, let me pet his ears and for a solid minute acted like he was enjoying it even! Those of you with normal, well adjusted dogs will think this is minor, but it almost brought me to happy tears. Then Ozzy stole Sundin's bone and he had to go get it back!


dogsled_stacie said...

Sundin sounds so much like Loki! Almost 3 years and that little freaky dude sometimes wants a pet sooo bad he'll sneak up behind other dogs to get it. Other times, he'll run the heck away from me! Dogs eh?!?!

Happy Birthday Earle!! :)

Carol said...

Happy birthday to one of my Grand puppies. hope your human remembered to give you an extra treat or toy...I know she has a whole big box full. Love ya, mom

Anonymous said...

HAPPY 8th Birfday, Earle!! With many Happy re-runs to come.

Wishing Hoodoo a Happy Birfday at the Bridge ... I'm sure God had a party for him, too.

Gongrats on feeling "safe" with Mom! Reminds me of Smokey's arrival at our Ranch ... Cinder led him into the house and Smoke about had a heart attack when he discovered A GUY was in charge of the place! For the first year, I had to move slowly around SmokeMutt - reach out too fast to pet him, and he'd *cringe* and *YELP* like I'd hit him. Now, at age 7, he's forgotten the abuse of his first year of life, and EVERYone is now his Buddy!

Relaxe, Sundin - you're in Good Hands!

Khady Lynn said...

Happy Barkday Earle!!! What a handsome boy you are! Are you sure you're not a Lab in a Sibe's suite like Dave of the Army of Four??

I'm very happy for Sundin! The more love you show him, hopefully he will reallize it's ok to ask for a little bit from time to time! Sounds to me like happy tears were well warrented!