Thursday, July 19, 2007

Long time, no update...

Because things are fairly calm right now! Nothing exciting to type about, unless my new washing machine counts. Are you officially a grown up when you are excited about new appliances? It's a Whirlpool and it has all kinds of buttons and lights and options....I've always been easily distracted by shiny things!

Speaking of shiny things and since new washing machines are very expensive! ....check out the new buttons on the sidebar--links to places I'm selling beads and jewellery. (Locals can check out the Westmark KI, Westmark Dawson and LillyPie Lotions too.)

And cuz I have to throw in a dog picture every chance I get:

Chase, Earle and Daisy ripping down the trail. (Daisy actually belongs to my neighbor, but don't tell her, she is quite sure she lives here!)


Phred said...


Well, HAPPIE New Warsher!
Who's *stuff* got the honor of the First Wash - Your's, Stuart's, or the Dawgs' ?? May all your Warsh Daze be quick, clean, and painless!

Daisy and the Husky Herd know she "belongs" to you - YOU seem to be the only one who didn't get the Memo. *snikker*

Need another copy?

Khady Lynn said...

Don't worry, my human gets excited about applicances too. The humans put in new hard wood laminate flooring a few weeks ago and she mom was all excited about that too. We were all just mad that we were banned from the room while they were putting it together.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes... my human recently got a new dishwasher. It has all kind of lights on it. The first time she used it was at night so she could sit in the kitchen with the lights off to see the lights on the dishwasher. Pathetic huh?

Fawn said...

Ooh, pretty shiny! I sat and watched my new front-loading machine do a load of laundry when we first got it. And our laundry room is pretty narrow, so it's not like there was a comfortable spot to be to do this...

Where do you get your beads? The jewellery is great! :)

Wandering Spirit Kennels said...

Thanks, Fawn. I make lots of the glass beads and I always make my Dad stop at a bead shop when he takes me back to the airport in Edmonton--I even found one by a GolfTown so he's not horribly bored waiting for me.