Saturday, July 07, 2007

A ton o' food!

Ever wonder what it takes to feed 24 dogs?

Dog food by the ton....literally. This is just over 2000 pounds of dog food!

Some helpers with opposable thumbs would have been nice for the unloading, but I had plenty of supervisors!


Phred said...

Good Golly!

Did the Mutts countersign on the loan for all that?

And people think I'm strange with a 35 gallon galvanized Trash Can in the front closet!
"What's THAT doing in your CLOSET!??"

Dawg Food ... 35 + pounds.

Ours is sorta a drop in your bucket!

Khady Lynn said...

Holy Cowpup! How long does that last? And what on earth (if I may ask) does that cost you?

We have 3 different kinds of foods becuse of allergies and health problems. Monty's Science Diet u/d is $55 (U.S. dollars), Samuel's is $45, and Kona, Abby and Mine is $59 for 30 pound bags.


Wandering Spirit Kennels said...

Holly, once GST and freight is added in, it costs just over 2000 dollars for the ton of food. Depending on how much meat I can get, it could last six months or so. We have a butcher friend who gives us scraps and bones! The food bill would double without his help!

I buy a senior/lite formula for three of the dogs, but only a bag or two at a time for them!


Khady Lynn said...

Wow, I'm speachless! I thought my humans spent a lot for food!! Maybe I will show this to my humans to show them just how lucky they are!

Thanks for answering my question!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is alot of dog food! I love the wooing right at the bottom of the photo, ha rooo!! I agree with Holly.. I am speachless at how much that food costs! Wow!! At least it lasts 6 months (about) and you have a good butcher friend!!


Sasha said...

Hey! My human knows you from Sibernet! I found your blog from the Husky Bloggers ring.
I think we should get that much food!