Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Ah snow....

Sunday morning, I was awoken by some very noisy huskies who were very excited about the first snowfall of the season.

By Monday morning, it looked more like this! Actually, this was after running a couple kilometres.

The team looked more like this coming out of the yard--all messed up! Hook-up was a bit of a gong show, but once we got going, the run went quite well. It's much easier to leave smoothly when someone is home to help!

The little nutball is learning to lead and doing fairly well. She still has puppy brain so occasionally Paxil has to tell her off! Paxil does not put up with much from her leading partners!

Just coming back into our yard.

I need to increase their mileage very soon. Tehya wasn't tired for a second by a five mile loop. She was harassing Anvik before I even got his harness off!

Muskwa opted to stay on the couch, which he has claimed as his own recently. He's a little put out that Stuart left him behind this time!


Khady Lynn said...

Oh My DOG!!! I am sooo jealous you have SNOW!!! It was in the mid 80's this weekend, and still in the 70's this week here. I really need to move to Canada!!


Carol said...

I can't believe that old Paxil is in harness this winter. she appeared so lazy and coontent to lay by the stove when I was up. guess it is the love for all that white stuff. Love you, from the mom-spector.