Saturday, December 01, 2007

Paxil would like to know...

Why no one told her about couches before? Three years wasted beside the woodstove when she could have been on the couch. If only she had figured out that whole "leave the cats alone" thing sooner!

It's a rough life for a lead dog around here!


Phred said...


Sorry Paxil, but I'm SURE the subject has been mentioned before!

But at least NOW you caught onto the Couwch Program ... and are a frequent participant.

Keep your old spot beside the wood cooker reserved ... sometimes ya just NEED a good fur-singing *cook* to get that darn winter CHILL off your bones.

Happie Slumberz!!

/s/ Couwch Pataters 1 & 2

Carol said...

I can't believe how good Paxil is looking now. Back in Sept. this critter was a sad looking sight.Obviously the couch is doing the trick.

Megameow said...

Awww, look at that sweetheart doggie!! By the way, I saw a pure white Husky on Sunday, I told the owner I thought it looked like an Arctic Fox. It was friendly, LOL.

Oh LOL, the verification word is pooyp, realize what would that be if you switched the two last letters, LOL...

Khady Lynn said...

Oh Paxil! I absolutely LOVE my couch! The humans have given up even trying to sit on it cuz it's always full of dogs! As it should be!