Sunday, December 16, 2007

Who needs a snowhook.....

I gave up on waiting for more snow today and took a little team out. Usually I wait for enough snow to set a snowhook reliably, but that could be awhile with the way things are going around here! So I took a little team out, just five dogs.

This was Tehya's first on the sled run. She had a very good time and even seems to be figuring out that she has to run on the right side of the trail. She's very dominantly left-pawed and she'd like to run on that side all the time!

All things considered, the run went fairly well. My quick release broke before I got out of the yard, but the snub line(also known as the HOLY *&^&%%$@^!& rope) held so there was no loose team racing down the trail! We passed a loose dog without any trouble and when we were almost home we did a head on pass with my neighbor and his big team! It wasn't flawless, but it was pretty dang smooth, especially considering that my dogs haven't seen another team in a very long time! Thank doG Paxil doesn't want to retire yet! She's pretty good at that passing thing!

Hobo had a great time! He might even be quiet for an hour or two this afternoon!


Khady Lynn said...

That looks like sooo much fun! I sure wish we could do sledding here. But, I think we're all too lazy.


Phred said...

Yeeee-Haw ~~~ It's Sleddin Tyme!!

G-Bye 4-Wheeler, HELLO to the nice, quiet SLED!

And a first run PASS - Wow!
Pretty Classy Outfit you're runnin, Girlie!

Sorrie 'bout the equipment malfunction - prolly got the ole blood pumpin in High Output Mode, Huh? That's what back-ups are for.

Glad the Run went well - a good start to the new Season. ENJOY!

Yipps & Yapps,
/s/ Cinder & Smokey

Carol said...

Sorry we can't share our snow with you. Your Dad is getting tired of plowing every other day and at this rate we will have no room to pile the snow if a really big dump comes. Glad the dogs are happy to be out and running in front of the sled. Eager to see you on Friday, hope the plane ride goes smoothly. Love ya, mom