Thursday, January 24, 2008

Out of the cold...

The plan was no new additions for awhile..the inn is full.....but you know what they say about the best laid plans....

This sweet ol' girl joined the pack on Monday. I've known Pirate for a couple years at least. She's lived with a couple people I know, most recently just down the road from me. But Pirate is old, needs some serious care and I guess that just doesn't mix with a fancy house. I can't quite get my head around that, especially since her problems are treatable or at least manageable. Maybe I don't want to understand how anyone can leave an old dog out in the cold.

Pirate is 12 years old according to her shelter file. She was originally surrendered by the same musher who brought Anvik in. He arrived a few months after Pirate. Pirate is a stiff in her back end, her eyes are cloudy and she doesn't hear much(although some of that I think is the famous husky selective hearing!). She leaks urine when she sleeps--not unusual for an old, spayed female canine. Not that unusual for females of the human variety either! I expect that most of us when we are pushing 80 will be in much the same shape as Pirate!

But her blood work is phenomonal! She has the kidneys and liver of a much younger dog. Her heart is strong and steady. Her urine is normal, just won't stay where it's supposed to! She got a full exam this morning by Dr. Rick and he has provided some options to make the ol' girl comfortable and dry! She's on medication for the leaking and anti-inflammatories for the stiffness. They should both start to work very quickly. She is not ready to move on and can still have a good quality of life for some time!

She's taken to this "inside dog" thing like a pampered Pomeranian! She loves her crate and goes right in. Ya gotta love a husky's denning instinct, especially when it makes training easier instead of making 10 foot holes in your yard! Her hip movement has improved dramatically already just because she has a warm soft bed to curl up on. She can almost run when she's heading for the door to come in for the evening! It's no sprint racing dog speed, but it's a pretty good clip for a 12 year frieght style dog!

She may not have years, but she will be warm, safe and spoiled for whatever time she does have left. Welcome to your retirement home, Pirate!


ExploreNorth said...

Stories like this bring tears to my tears. You are an angel, TamaraLyn.

Phred said...



There's always room for one more "Needy One".

Vet Checked, Treated, and **Improving** in her first week at the Retirement Ranch - a good start on the Rest of her Life!

BLESS You, Tamara!!

/s/ Phred

dogsled_stacie said...

Same as what Murray said!

What a great story, and what a sweet ol' girl. I love how she RUNS to the house at night!!! :)

She looks soooo peaceful and content on that pillow.

I too, can't understand how a dog just doesn't fit into your life anymore... *sigh*... Humans eh?

Anonymous said...

Pirate has been blessed by having you come into her life ... and I am sure she will bless you with her love in the time she has left with you. So good to know there is someone like you to give a good dog a good home.

Anonymous said...

Just the love and caring she gets from you is enough to give her excellent quality of life. The meds will give just that extra boost. Bless you Tamara - for all you do.


Khady Lynn said...

God bless you for what you did. I think those people need some poo thrown at their windows for what they did to her!


Anonymous said...

That is so nice of you to take in this dog. I am sure the last part of her life will be wonderful. Is she friendly?

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

What a beautiful old girl...Lucky, too!

Carolyn H said...

I'm sure glad Pirate got what she's always deserved--a home where she is loved.

Carolyn H.

Shmoo said...

Pirate is in good hands and sucking up the warmth and love. Very nice