Sunday, January 13, 2008


Heaps of it! Fluffy white stuff. Finally. It's still coming down. At last there might be enough to not only run the team, but actually stop them! Maybe even get a hook to hold so I can correct a few things or offer assistance! Although, they have got good at taking care of their own minor tangles!

The bad part of this lovely winter required that I plow the driveway and at least part of the yard. The gates don't work so well with snow build-up and those of you with huskies will know it doesn't take them long to figure out that they can get out! I was almost done, just a couple more passes in front of the shop, when the ATV made a very nasty noise and blue smoke came out! That's never a good sign. I think I dropped the tranmission!

The ATV is 24 years old, yes you read that correctly. It's an 84 Kawasaki Bayou. It's a workhorse of a machine and really it owes me nothing. But I can't afford a new one or even a new to me one and paying the bobcat guy 60 bucks an hour doesn't appeal to me all that much either! Although I am calling him in the morning! I sure hope Stuart can fix the ol' girl when he gets home! Too bad he's not home any time soon!


ExploreNorth said...

I feel your pain. My snowplow truck died recently. It's going into the shop tomorrow for what might be a huge bill, so I shovelled the whole driveway this morning - no need to go to the gym today!

Carol said...

Glad there is someone excited about snow...we had no power most of the night and early morning. Things were getting a wee bit chilly at -25'c. The visibilty is still nil and the good thing is the kids got a SNOW DAY and mom got to stay home from work. No point plowing yet as the system is still moving thru and as I watch Daisy (neighbor's dog) chase snow flakes I realize all dogs must love this white stuff just like you. Enjoy the stuff.

Phred said...

Hey Tamara - Let's fess up ---

With a few suggestions from Stuart;
YOU played Junior Assistant Wrench Turner and got the ole ATV **RUNNING** again!!

Way to GO, Girl!!