Monday, July 21, 2008

More encounters with wildlife....

Some of the wildlife around here I could do without. I enjoy the foxes and the coyotes, cuz my cats are safely inside. I love seeing the wolves, when they are not trying to eat my dogs. I enjoy the occasional visits from the moose and the bears. The squirrels, ravens ect are cheap dog entertainment! But some of the forest critters need to stay farther in the forest and away from my house!

Like this fella! The porcupine my dogs treed this morning.

Fortunately, he's just outside the fenceline and he had enough brains to climb a tree. Now if I can find a way to keep the dogs away from the fence for awhile, hopefully, he'll have enough brains to find a new place to hang out!

Fifteen dogs in that area x about 300 bucks each for quill removal.....I'd just rather not deal with that! And I'd rather not see the porky die just for doing what porcies do!


The Army of Four said...

Yikes! Go away, Porki!

Anonymous said...

My FIL decided, when his daughter's Shepherd encountered a porcupine for the second time, it would be better to just deal with it himself. (They took the dog to the vet the first time and learned how expensive it is.) One person held the dog down while the other used pliers to pluck out the quills. It wasn't much fun, but I guess the dog was actually pretty relieved.

Anonymous said...

I haven't killed any of Porky's relatives yet, but I think having one in the tree beside my dog yard would be it. When Kayla and Monty got nailed about 4 years ago it was BAD - far beyond anything that anyone but a vet/surgeon could deal with. :(

Phred said...

Dad did a lotta *Hollerin* when Miz Cinners did her chase da black kitty wiffa white racin stripe (TWICE, no less - she's a slow learner).

Hate to hear him iffin we found a Porky!

Sounds like da Snow Dawgs don't *remember* any better than Cinder does.