Tuesday, November 25, 2008

That's my boys!.....

In my obsessive little world, before there were dogs, cats and glass, there were the Calgary Stampeders. So I'd really just like to say "I told you so"....to everyone who told me that the Stamps would loose on Sunday; that Anthony Calvillo would get the fairy tale ending to his come back season; that Henry Burris would choke! HA!!! It is a heart warming story and I'm very glad that Anthony's wife is winning her battle with cancer. Mike Labinjo has a heart warming story too and he's a Stamp! Yup a couple years ago, Henry might have had a bit of trouble with the pressure, but that label is gone forever after Sunday! Someday if I ever get to name dogs again, I'm think Nik, Jermaine and Ken-Yon would be awesome sled dog names!

Picture of Sandro DeAngelis hoisting the Cup was stolen from a Calgary radio station website because I wasn't there. I have, however, already asked for November 27-30, 2009 off work so I can be there to watch them defend the title in their home stadium. Yanno, assuming I can find a dogsitter! A year should be enough time to get that organized, maybe!


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...


I know the khool feelings since The Doggy Nanny and Mom's Phillies won The World Series!

Enjoy all the vikhtory brings!


Phred said...

Being able to say :I TOLD ya so!"
is so very good for your well being!

Gongrats to the STAMPS!!

Hope the Dawg Sitter Quest goes well.