Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Another sick one...

Had I been thinking with my head instead of my heart when I was bringing most of this pack home a few years ago, I would have thought "hey they are all going to get old at the same damn time; maybe I should space their ages out a bit?" Alas, I did not think that and probably wouldnt' have changed a thing even if I had thought it! So now I have a rapidly aging pack that while still mainly healthy is starting show signs of it's age!
Life was not kind Goldie for her first few years, so she may seem even older than she really is. Goldie is a tough dog; a sweetie at heart, but one who bears both physical and psychological scars from her early years. Goldie has one true friend in the whole pack, her beloved Chase; she doesn't like other girls and she is not fond of cats; she spent over two years in the local shelter; she has badly bowed front legs, likely from poor nutrition as a wee puppy; she has been on pain meds for many years due to an old pelvic fracture that was never treated and healed incorrectly. Goldie is tough, but she also loves to be hugged by her people, adores her Chase, delights in a good walk, and never ever lets anyone or anything in her driveway without warning me that something is coming. She even has different barks for strangers, people she likes, loose dogs and moose. She's a good girl....
Unfortunately, she's a good girl who is full of cancer. Goldie was diagnosed with bone cancer today. The tumor covers most of the right side of her rib cage. It is not removeable. Surgery is not an option. We have decided not to subject her to any further testing or procedures. Her prognosis does not change in any case.
We are adding a second pain medication in the hope of keeping her comfortable for as long as possible. Goldie has known enough stress and pain in her life. Before it ends, she will know only safety, security, comfort and love, from her humans and her special canine friend, Chase.


D.K. Wall said...

Goldie - you are in our thought and prayers for time and, most importantly, comfort and love. So great that life got so much better for you!

Jack & Moo said...

Gentle hugs and kisses to you, Goldie. You could not have landed in a better place - heaven on earth for the "wandering spirits" that wander into Tamara & Stuart's hearts and hands. Enjoy each and every day with your beloved Chase and loving family, sweetheart.

sending woo prayers & sibe vibes,
jack a-roo & Pat

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

All of you will be in our thoughts in the khoming days/weeks/months/years...

Khyra & Her Mom

Phred said...

Hang in there, Goldie!

We'll slow the Merry-go-Round down
a bit to make getting on & off a
little easier, fluff your bed,
and leave the door open for you.

Munch your pills, hold out for the
GOOD treats, and enjoy a few more
spins on the Ride.
Let Mom know if you want to get off.


dogsled_stacie said...

I'm thinking the same thing about my pack! I have 6 or so right within a couple years of each other. I too, wouldn't change anything!

You and Goldie are in my thoughts!

Khady Lynn said...

We will keep Goldie in our prayers. There are just too many puppers sick, or going to the bridge lately.

Hang in there Goldie!!

Holly and Khady