Friday, June 18, 2010

What are the odds of that?

We are planning a trip to Costa Rica later this year. Critter care is arranged; flights are paid for, hotels booked in several locations. We aren't doing any major chains or resort accomodations this time. We are staying in small B&B type places and renting a cabina on the beach.

Today I was emailing with the owner of the hotel where we are spending our first and last few nights in Alajuela. Close to the airport, without the hassle of the big city of San Jose. Hotel was picked pretty much at random..I liked the website, my Fodor's guide book gave it a decent rating and the reviews on TripAdvisor ranged from decent to glowing.

Today, the owner told me he used to have a similar email address to mine, when he lived in Yellowknife......

What are the odds that of the hundreds of hotels in Costa Rica 4500 miles from my home, I booked the one owned by a fellow least he totally gets why even rainy season in the tropics sounds awesome to me! November is about my least favorite time of year's dark, it's cold, but not quite enough snow usually to enjoy the winter yet!

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Carol said...

Been over a month since you up-dated....glad to read that all the plans are falling into place. The hotel guy, well, he probably left the north in November and never returned!!!!!!