Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Earle is going to school!

Stuart was recently hired as the administrator of our local humane society/shelter. As part of his new job duties, he does educational programs in elementary schools. Tomorrow he is doing a presentation to grade four kids on how to avoid a dog bite and some basic pet care. Earle will be accompanying him! Ealre will be the demo dog for such things as how to approach a dog safely, calming signals ect. Earle will be in his glory. He adores kids, loves being the centre of attention and is very well mannered in public (not always at home, but anyone who meets him doesn't believe that!)

Earle is a great ambassador for huskies--and dogs in general in my very biased opinion! I am hopeful that he will make an impact on these kids and maybe somewhere down the road another critter will benefit from it!

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Anonymous said...

Hey! Earle's a cutie! Write a little about the cats now and then too.. meow!!!!!!