Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Monday, my bonus day off work for an extra long weekend and most of it> was spent at the vet. Ozzy had an appt' booked in advance. He enjoyed the truck ride to town. He's fascinated by the radio. Where is that sound coming from? He was not a happy camper at the clinic. He reverted back to behaviors I haven't seen in months. He shook like a leaf and hid under anything he could find. I had to carry him through the door. I did feel kinda special though as when he had a choice of hiding or clinging to his momma, he picked me! Nice to know he trusts me, even when he's freaked right nout. For the past ten days or so, he has been chewing the fur off his tail and making it progressively worse. I thought it was stress related. Ozzy is an anxious little guy and he does live with Goldie. I can see how that could be stressful sometimes! But it turns out that Goldie and Ozzy have been playing a little hard. He has a small injury to his tail. Dr. Kim says it looks like it got squished somehow! The nerves in the end of his tail are damaged a bit and as they regenerate, it itches and Ozzy bites the fur off! Treatment--anti-itch cream and 10 days of conehead!

Preacher did not have an app't, but just before I left, I let him back in the house. When I let him out at 7am, he was fine. At 10am, he has blood running out of one eye! Upon closer exam, his lower eyelid was torn! So I called the clinic and asked if they had time to see 2 dogs instead of just one. One nice thing about having 29 pets is that they always find a way to squeeze us in! I paid for that fancy new building, so I get great service! Dr. Kim is convinced that the tear is from a bite. I didn't hear anything that even vaguely sounded like a fight and everyone else is fine. I think Preacher bonked into something--he is already blind. He bonks into stuff sometimes! Kim wanted to knock him out and put a couple stitches in. I refused. Given the fragile state of Preacher's health at the best of times, I was concerned he would just keep sleeping. So Preacher is on anti-biotics and eye ointment and is also a cone head for a week or so. If it hasn't started to close in a week, surgery will likely be required. I don't want to go there if it can be avoided!

There is alot of stuff getting knocked over around here now! Two conehead dogs is not good. No candles getting lit for awhile!

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