Saturday, June 04, 2005

Dommer's gift...

It's been a pretty miserable 9 days around here since Dominique left. We both miss her terribly. It's amazing how such a tiny cat can take up so much space! Everytime I leave a half full glass on the cupboard, I am reminded of her--she always tipped them. She tipped the dogs' water bucket every day! She hauled five pound roasts out of the sink and ate the corners. She only weighed 5.5 pounds! I was looking at old pictures of her the other night and realized I have very few where she is asleep or just lounging. In almost every one, she's into something or up to some mischief. She was truly a one of a kind.

This is the last picture I ever got to take of her. My little spitfire!

Dominique would not have tolerated this sadness. She would have done something silly to make us smile. She would have broken something to get our attention. She would have given headbonks and purrs until the tears stopped. I firmly believe that animals have souls and that Dominique is waiting in a better place. I believe she has been restored to full health and happiness. I also believe that even from afar and unseen she has done something to make us smile again.

Please meet Boots.

Boots joined our family on Friday night. He's been at the local shelter for several months. Last Sunday, we had to attend a volunteer recognition BBQ at the shelter. I was not up to small talk and spent much of the afternoon hiding in one of the cat rooms. Boots found me there. He was demanding, affectionate and didn't mind being soaked with tears. He would not leave me alone or let me play with any other cats. He stayed on my mind all week. It seems too soon to add a new furkid, but he's here and we are glad of it! There are still tears being shed for Dominique, but there are smiles again too.

Boots is very silly. He likes to be held and has a loud purr. When he purrs, his tongue sticks out. Hard to cry when looking at this face!

Boots is not a replacement for Dominique. Anyone who has truly loved a cat knows they are not replaceable. Each one is unique and special in their own way. Boots being here is bittersweet for us. If Dominique were still alive, there would not be room for Boots. If Boots weren't here, our hearts would be hurting even more for Dominique. We can not bring Dommers back and no matter how hard or sad, life does go on.

I believe that Dommers sent Boots to us. He walked in here like he had always lived here. My other seven cats could not be bothered to even hiss at him. Not even Pissy Polly Paws! Polly has hissed at Onyx every day for the last four years, but she never even looked twice at Boots. It is like the other cats already knew him. He has been accepted as one of their family with great ease.

He even snuggles with Glacier already.

I wish you were still here, Dominique. I miss you every minute and will love you forever. No cat will ever take your place in my heart, but Boots will find his own place. Thank you for sending him to us.


Anonymous said...

Awwww, Boots sounds like a great kitty cat! I love the super-friendly purry ones! Is he meowy too?

Hippie girl said...

Oh, I cried for your loss ,we recently lost Beauty he looks alot like your Dom. It breaks your heart I know it's been 2mths for us and I still find myself looking for him when I wake up or go to make the bed. We used to play kittysheets.Anyhow I wish I had soothing words to ease your pain but I don't. all I can say is Bless you she's still with you
always will be. I like stopping by your blog every once in awhile. Love your pictures.Thanks, Peace be with.