Friday, May 27, 2005

My worst fear has come true...

I have always feared on of the dogs hurting one of the cats. I have done everything I could to keep both species happy and safe. But last night, I failed and failed miserably.
Last night, my sweet little cat, Dominique escaped from the house.

We have no idea how or when. I have torn this place apart today trying to figure out how she could have possibly got out and I have no answer. But she did get out. She always was an adventurous little thing. She never knew any fear and she loved the dogs. Last night those traits combined to cause her death. Dominique was killed by one of my dogs. I was out for a lousy 90 minutes. I left at 9:30 and all was well. I came back at 11 and found Dominique's lifeless body in the yard. I do not have the words to describe the horror and hysteria that overcame me. I am still in shock and devastated. I feel like my heart has been shattered.

I do not know which dog did this. It doesn't matter. I can not blame them for being dogs. They know to leave the cats alone in the house, but a small, furred critter outside is a different story. They could not connect that the little black and white cat outside was the same one who live inside the house. I know if they had been able to make that connection, they would not have hurt her. None of my dogs would intentionally cause me this kind of pain. I do not believe they meant to kill her. None of the dogs have so much as a scratch on them. Her body was not badly mauled. Her neck was clearly broken. I am sure she headbutted someone who misunderstood her actions. I pray she died quickly and did not suffer.

Goodbye, my tiny angel. I will love and miss you forever. I am so sorry that I wasn't here to save you. I will never forgive myself. It is my job to protect all of you and I failed Dominique.

May you find sunshine, catnip and mousies on the other side. Find Hoodoo, he'll show you around. Godspeed, my love. Til we meet again.

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Anonymous said...

Awwwwww - how sad! She was a cute cat too!