Thursday, May 26, 2005

Deuce goes loose!

With some misgivings and trepidation, Deuce was set free for his first off leash walk today! I hate letting them loose for the first time! I'm never sure they will come back.

Deuce did quite well. This is a GOOD thing! I was going to need shoulder surgery if I kept leash walking him! That dog can pull! If he's still here in the winter, it's going to be a beautiful thing!

He is not a water dog! We walked down to Mary Lake. He got a drink and got his paws wet, but that was enough water for him! No way was he going swimming!

He did pretty well. Like most huskies, he didn't exactly come when called. Unlike most huskies, he didn't vanish into the mist! He did return when I called him, but rarely came all the way back. He checked in and kept moving. Deuce did make it home with me though and happily went back into his pen!

I don't think I'll be walking him at peak hours on the trails any time soon. I'm not 100% sure what he would be like if we encountered a dominant dog. I did find out today that he likes kids. We met my neighbor and his four year old boy on the trail this afternoon. Deuce was very good with Liam. He didn't jump on him, although you could tell he wanted to! He gave Liam a few kisses and danced around him. Good boy, Deuce!!

We are having a bit of an issue with him and food right now, but so far that's the only problem. Deuce has clearly been hungry at some point in his life and he just can't let the other dogs eat. Easy enough to solve. Deuce eats alone. He eats like a dog 3 times his size. Heyoka who weighs 130 pounds eats less than Deuce. Hopefully, Deuce will soon realize that he will get more food everyday and be able to relax a bit!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Deuce is friendly to people!