Sunday, May 22, 2005

My new toy!

Last week I took some money I had saved and my Yukon Bonus cheque and bought myself a kayak! After 2 summers of trying out different boats and renting every kind I could find, I finally settled on a Perception Carolina 14.5. I love it!

Stuart spent last weekend building a rack for my truck. It's way too long to just prop into the box!

Nothing gets done around here without a little canine assistance! This is Bandit giving his approval on the boards!

The finished product! I think it turned out great. I can load and unload the boat myself. Which is important since Stuart hates kayaking and I will be going alone most of the time!

This afternoon, I went paddling on Kookatsoon lake--really a glorified slough, but it works!

The view from where I sit!

It was a beautiful day!

I paddled around for a couple hours, but then the clouds starting to roll in.

I went home before I got caught in the rains!

I have all of this week off work and I'm hoping to get out paddling lots!!

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Hippie girl said...

That looks totally awesome!!! I've been looking for one too.I live about a mile off Big Sugar Creek in Pineville Mo.Good creekin'!
I've stopped by your blog before and I love your animals. When I learn how to post pictures I'll have my baby on my blog stop by sometime.Sam