Thursday, May 12, 2005

The new guy!

Monday evening a new dog joined the pack. At the time his name was Bandit, but that had to go. Two Bandits was just too confusing for all of us! So after some experimenting, the second Bandit has a new name!

Introducing Deuce!

Deuce was rescued in one of the Yukon's small communties. The man who saved him and his two buddies kept them safe until there was room at the shelter. Deuce was kept in the isolation ward for three weeks while the staff tried to assess his temperment. They determined that he was aggressive and needed to be euthanized. My hubby, the shelter director, had a different opinion. So Deuce came here.

This is not an aggressive dog. Deuce was simply bored stupid in the shelter. He's young and active. A tired husky is a good husky!

Now that he has lots of buddies to play with, he's a good husky again!

The integration has gone suprisingly smoothly. He's very dog friendly. He adores Raven. This is Raven and Deuce about two minutes after they met:

Nothing like a good wrestle to tire a dog out....really, they aren't fighting! They are playing.
He has fit right in and made himself at home. He even got into Kayleigh's pen and made it out unscathed. Not many dogs get Kayleigh's seal of approval!

Welcome to the pack, Deuce!

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Anonymous said...

He's a nice dog. Glad to hear he's friendly for you!