Monday, November 21, 2005

I hate spring..

Yes, I hate spring, but apparently it's arrived again. It's been above zero and raining for days. Raining in November. That's just messed up! And it's supposed to keep raining until Friday. Bye-Bye snow! I am not a happy camper. My yard is a skating rink. I have to find some of those ice pick things you put on your boots. I need them just to carry the food and water buckets around. The dogs are all worked up and being a bunch of jerks to each other. Hate spring, hate and it's not supposed to be here for at least 5 months! Go away!!

On a positive note, Muskwa survived being neutered just fine and is back to being his normal, whiny, pain in the butt self!

Cross your paws for snow soon!

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