Thursday, November 17, 2005

Vet bills again...

Earle had to go to the vet today. He is fat, cranky and lazy lately! Most unlike Earle. Additionally, we are a little paranoid with Earle. We lost Earle's littermate, Hoodoo, very young and most unexpectely. We never found out exactly what killed Hoodoo. The theory is he had a massive stroke caused by a brain tumor. This would not be genetic, but one of those nasty twists fate likes to toss out occasionally. But since we don't know for sure, every time Earle coughs, we tend to assume he's going to die young too!

Earle put on a performance at the clinic so my vet doesn't believe me that he is ever cranky. Apparently not many dogs flop for belly rubs and lick the vet's face during exams! Earle is a one of a kind. He's getting a thyroid panel too, but the lab is in Saskatoon! So no results until the middle of next week. He's going on a diet anyway. Tonight he won't eat. Either he's pissed that I took him to the vet or he hates his new diet food. Anyone who looks at Earle can see he hasn't missed many meals lately! He can't even run in the team until he drops a few pounds. I'm afraid he'd have a massive heart attack!

(pic is from August) 83 pounds he weighs...damn near 20 pounds more than he did 18 months ago and I swear he's gained most of that in the last month, with no diet change at all! What kind of sled dog weighs 83 pounds!!!??? that's just not right! Dr. Kim, our wonderful vet, did say that Earle appears otherwise healthy--good heartbeat, no signs of pain or joint problems. Nothing obvious wrong. Phew....

Just to add a little extra stress, I booked Muskwa to get neutered tomorrow! I thought it would take longer to get him in for that, but figured I better grab the app't before Stuart changes his mind. Muskwa is 8 years old. For 7 years I have been nagging Stuart to get that dog neutered. He finally agreed, after good friends lost their husky to a cancer that started as prostate problems. So since you can't get cancer in what you don't have, Muskwa is getting the big snip. Please cross your paws, toes, fingers and whatever else you can think of that the surgery goes smoothly and Muskwa recovers without incident. Since this is my idea, if anything goes wrong, not only will we be devastated, but Stuart may never forgive me!

Cute isn't he?

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