Sunday, November 27, 2005

More whining about the weather

Well, it's colder at least now. Not that -10C is really cold, but at least the great melt has stopped. This is what over a week of above 0 temps has left behind!

My entire yard looks like this, except for the odd bare spot. Four acres of solid ice!

Imagine the fun of trying to walk on this crap with a five gallon bucket of food in one hand and 13 dogs trying to get their dinner all around you! Oh, it's a good time! I actually bought a pair of YakTrax this week, just so I have some chance of staying upright on the ice! The dogs are sliding all over the place. I've seen a couple attempt to play chase and end up crashing into trees! It's funny to watch in a twisted sort of way!

This is what my front yard looked like yesterday! We spread almost a full load of gravel right in front of the house. It covers up the ice and makes Preacher's life more enjoyable. Blind dog + ice is a bad mix!

This is what it looked like last year on November 22....WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Going to find some cheese to go with my whine...maybe a bottle of real wine too. Can't run dogs, might as well stay inside and drink a bit! ;) I come from a long line of farmers so whining about the weather is in my blood!

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