Monday, December 19, 2005

Just cuz pics...

Today's team--I love not working on Mondays. Even driving the ATV is better than working! I had planned a longer run today, but I was freezing--another drawback to not having enough snow for the sled. It's hard to run beside the quad! Much warmer on the sled! It wasn't even really cold today, but sitting still equals cold toes and thumbs! So we did our most frequent loop of about 15km. Pingo-Raven, Hobo, Antare-Chum, Pacer-Chase. Raven is a much better leader than I tend to give her credit for. She got Pingo to turn today when she wasn't listening to me.

Back in the yard. It was cold enough to get frosty today. Chase has great eyebrows!

Hobo the happy. It is impossible to stay grouchy with this little guy around. And that tongue! I have more pics of Hobo with his tongue out than all the other dogs combined!

Getting a harness on Chum can be challenging. He has issues with his paws being touched. He does really well once he's hooked up, it's just getting the harness on that's tricky.

Oh, and getting it back off. This is Chum's very best "I dare you to touch my paws" look!

And a quick Paxil update. She amazes me! She is choked that I left her behind twice! She's bouncing around the yard like nothing is wrong at all. She blew a stitch yesterday while she was outside. Apparently she's feeling just fine! I haven't got any further test results yet, but based on how Paxil is acting, I'm not that worried!

This was yesterday afternoon as she was enjoying a Jumbone--the only treat she really likes. Of course, she likes the expensive stuff!


karen said...

That look on Chum's face, omg, that's priceless!!

karen (sammi's mom) ;-)

dogsled_stacie said...

That Chum is a cutie - well, aside from the fact that he looks like he's gonna rip your head off if you touch his feet!

Where did he come from?

Wandering Spirit Kennels said...

Chum is a cutie--a noisy, pain in the butt cutie! He's from the shelter. He was originally found running around on the airport runway. The airport firefighters brought him to the shelter. He growls and carries on all the time which appeared aggressive in the shelter. Then his crazy owner, or someone claiming to be, showed up at the shelter loaded. Chum was terrified just by the sound of the guy's voice. So he came here to hide and have his temperment assessed for a couple weeks....that was two years ago!

His sled dog brain just turned on this fall. He really likes to pull and he's freaking fast! Fortunately, he's also all talk. He'd never follow through on his little threats; he just likes to make sure I know he's not happy with the whole paw touching thing!