Wednesday, June 21, 2006

And then there was Chase...

On June 22, 2003, I dragged a terrified young husky cross out of the shelter. It took a group effort to get Chase into my truck. There was no way he was leaving the shelter. He knew the routine and it was not his turn to go for a walk! He was not going with me. He knew me, but the shelter was the only home Chase had ever known. For close to 18 months he called the shelter home. He came in as a young puppy, past the cute, quick adoption stage of puppyhood, but still just a baby, already damaged by an unkind world. The couple who found him had spent days trying to catch him. He promptly escaped in the shelter parking lot and spent several more days on the loose. He is aptly named!

Growing up in confinement does funny things to a dog. In Chase's case, I swear to God it made him stupid! He's the sweetest dog who ever drew breath, but somedays I'm suprised he remembers to breath on his own! Not all the wires connect upstairs! He's not all there. I used to think maybe his brain would turn on after he'd been here for awhile and got adjusted to a home. Now I realize that he just wouldn't be Chase if he was smart! He's my doofus and I love him that way!

He is a handsome boy too! And that smile will melt the coldest of hearts! Chase is full of joy and love. He is happy about even the little things. Just the sight of one of the people he loves is cause for much barking and dancing around--even if he does crash into a tree occasionally while dancing!

Chase is the best thing that ever happened to Goldie. They are a canine love story. Ever thought that dogs don't form emotional bonds to each other? Come see these two! They are only apart when Chase is in harness. Goldie was forced into early retirement by some health issues and can not run in the team. Chase is a great wheel dog, but when he's done working, he wants to go back into his pen with his girlfriend. They look ridiculous together. Goldie is short and fat. Chase is long, lean and has legs that go on for miles! He's 100 times faster than she is, but when out for a walk, he never leaves her behind. Goldie was a lonely, isolated dog before Chase. She is fussy, to put it mildly, about her doggie friends. She is much happier now that she has Chase...So am I.....

Happy third Anniversary, you big doofus!

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