Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Anybody missing a dog or two??

I picked up these two handsome fellas on my lunch break today. The little grey guy was laying in the line of traffic on Long Lake Road. I thought he was hurt so rather than swerving around them, like the other cars did, I stopped. He does have a minor paw injury, but that did not stop him and his buddy from jumping into my truck! Both young male, unneutered husky crosses, no id on their collars. No one has reported them missing to the usual places one would report such things!

I don't think they've been on their own for long. They look healthy and well cared for, but they were hungry. My treat stash in the truck is gone! They are now safely enclosed at my home. Pacer, much to his delight, has been kicked out of his pen. He hates his pen!

They are a happy pair of well socialized dogs. This one is a big suck! Can't get enough attention. He's a leaner and he paws at me when I stop petting him.

His bi-eyed buddy is more aloof, but still very nice. He seems more confident and maybe the dominant one of the pair. They are clearly a pair though, very bonded.

So if you know anyone who might be missing these beauties, drop me an email. I've listed them with by-law, both vets, and the humane society. I hope they have an owner out there somewhere who is looking for them. I hate to think of someone else going through the same misery I did when Delta was AWOL! If they've been dumped, they are welcome to stay here, although they will be getting the big snip asap if they stay!


ExploreNorth said...

If only the world had more people like you and Stewart. The wolfie-looking boy is gorgeous - it's hard to imagine why they're on their own. Speaking of such things, do you know who in Dawson shot all 56 of their dogs after all the abuse complaints? I don't understand why the Humane Society hasn't broadcast their names widely so we know who to be wary of. I think I know who it is, but would like confirmation.

Wandering Spirit Kennels said...

Hey Murray

I heard the guy's name yesterday, but can't remember it. I'll find it and email you. The Humane Society Dawson is in the process of making it public knowledge. I think they were waiting for the RCMP to finish their investigation. I know the HSY is working with the Quest office to try and make a joint presentation to the media regarding not just this situation, but also changing the Territory's incredibly weak animal protection act.


sean said...

Hey Tamara, do those cute little guys know a sucker or what? Sheesh, they both look adorable though. Hope you find their owner soon (and that's he's one of the good ones.)


IndyPindy said...

They are both beautiful!

My mom is creating a blog for Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue's foster dogs. Do you have any mushing photos online? Would it be okay if my mom used one of your mushing photos as the banner image for the foster dog blog?

You can email my mom at siberescuegirl@yahoo.com. Thanks!