Friday, August 18, 2006

I'm back....

I spent the last week visiting these three cuties:

My nieces, Hannah, Emma and Naomi. Well, I also saw my parents, my brothers, my other nieces and nephews and my sis, but these three consumed most of my time. They are busy little girls! Can't turn your back on little Emma for a second. She's a better escape artist than my huskies!

Came home to one injured dog. Founder crashed into something and tore his face open. He looks pathetic, but he should heal up just fine. Poor scarred up Founder! His previous life had already left a few scars, physically and emotionally. Then last winter, he had a wee altercation with Mac that resulted in a missing ear tip! Now he'll have a new scar under his eye! Fortunately, dogs don't care so much about their physical appearance. Founder is still a big goofball. 95 pounds of goofball according to the vet bill.

Beau had to go back to the vet as soon as I got back. He was due for repeat bloodwork. The results are pretty good! His thyroid levels are dropping, his liver function appears to be returning to normal and his kidneys are about the same. Hyperthyroidism in cats often masks serious kidney problems, but it appears that Beau has pretty good kidney function for an ancient cat! :) He's eating like little piggy and has regained half a pound! I've been following a "whatever he'll eat" diet plan with him! No prescription diets or low protien food. Beau's personal favorite food is Fancy Feast Whitefish and Tuna. Since it seems to be working, he'll keep getting it!

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

You're PAST due over at Pet Talk!

Sounds like you hada *Phunn* Visit and the FurKids were (for the most part) good during your trip.

Did Stuart notice you're back?

/s/ Phred