Monday, November 20, 2006

Dashing through the snow....

Ok, mabye it wasn't exactly dashing, more like plowing through the snow. Never a skidoo around when you need one--they break a good trail, but apparently all the snowmobilers in Mary Lake stayed home to watch the Grey Cup yesterday! We broke trail most of the way today, which shortened our first run quite a bit!

There's nothing quite like the look on a lead dog's face when she realizes you are serious this time and she really does get to run! It takes alot to get Paxil away from the woodstove, but a run does it every time!

Plowing through this stuff takes alot out of both musher and dogs, especially when the dogs haven't run for a couple weeks! I should have taken more dogs, but then I couldn't have taken Hobo and he really, really, really wanted to come!

We did get a brief section that was much easier and faster!

And eventually we made it back home where we were greeted with the disgusted howls of the dogs left behind!

And Sweet Sleet waiting by the fence. She's 13 now and been retired for a couple years, but if I asked she'd still try, arthritic hips, cloudy eyes and all.

"That was a lot of work!" Pacer is now regaining his strength by napping on the couch!

Hobo is completely blissed out. He'd go again right now and again an hour later and again until he fell right over! There's no stopping Psycho Puppy!

Annie came for his first run since his surgery. He still has some problems with the incision site. I'm not sure it's ever going to heal. Anvik has never had a clue that he might be sick and that continued today. He ran beautifully. I like him more every time I run him. He's driven, hardworking and he clearly enjoys every stride!

Now I just need to find a kid with a skidoo and get the longer trails broken! Maybe a bit more snow so the hook has a chance of staying set!


Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

Your dogs always look so healthy and happy! Love seeing them.

dogsled_stacie said...

Aw, Hobo looks so content!! Sweet.

No kidding about breaking trail. I even took the quad & 10 dogs out last night to check out the trail first. And we got stuck in a snowy ditch!!

You coming out to the next race? It was a total blast - fun, fun course! None of us were really up to doing 12-miles (ex. for crazy obsessed Jon), so we were all kind of on the same page. There were some much slower runs on the way back (me definitely included!!). But look out, I think we've all got great incentive to get out there and blow away a 12-mile run like it's nothing.

Wandering Spirit Kennels said...

After reading the race blog, that's way too much passing for us. Haven't done a head on pass in at least 2 years. Never even saw another dog team last winter! I'd rather not tick everyone else off with my dogs lack of passing skills! Need anymore volunteers?? That I could do!

dogsled_stacie said...

We can always use volunteers! But you needn't worry - the passing went really smooth! One person even said "my lead dog doesn't like to pass, and my wheel dogs don't really like other dogs..." yet there were practically ZERO problems!!

One of the main goals is training, the other is FUN! So we ask people to be extra supportive and understanding of other teams since we're not all pros! And everyone was just super that way.

It's up to you - but don't be scared off! Your dogs would have a blast... (you too!)