Thursday, November 16, 2006

Good news from the vet...

Chum went back to the vet today to have all his tests redone--ECG, blood panel, thyroid panel. He was supposed to go the day Earle got sick, but Chum got bumped until today! He was not happy with being put in the kennel this morning. The dog area of my vet's office looks very much like the dog area of the shelter Chum resided in for awhile. I don't think shelter dogs ever forget those chain link walls.

His discomfort is worth it though! Both his resting and after exercise ECG's look perfectly normal. No concerns with his heart rythyms at all. The anemia has resolved and his red blood count is normal too.

His extraordinarily low thyroid levels are now actually high! Chum did go counter-surfing this morning and snagged himself an extra treat. Unfortunately, that extra treat contained Earle's thyroid medication! (I have three dogs and one cat who take daily thyroid meds!) Our vet says that even with a double dose his levels are too high. Like most hypothyroid dogs, Chum had gained some weight. All that excess weight is gone now. So Chum is getting his dose reduced.

Chum is free to return to harness work, running, hiking and all the playing his silly little heart desires. :)

Or not! Whatever he decides is fine!


Meandering Michael said...

If I ever get sick, I want to come live at your place.

Anonymous said...

So good to read Chum is better.
Love the pics of all your critters!