Sunday, February 04, 2007

Annie's recovery...

After a couple days of worrying silence, Anvik has found his voice again and found it with a vengance! So far today I have heard all about how much he hates his bite-not collar, how he dislikes the peanut butter chewies, hates his crate and a whole lot of HEY LET ME OUT!! So, I caved!

He's been outside several times. He perks up out there, but he can't stay out for long. He doesn't want to anyway. In one of his panic attacks today he managed to chew up his coat, so now he can't stay out for long even if he does want to. It's not that cold, but that's a lot of exposed skin and he doesn't need frostbite on top of everything else!

This is has got to hurt and I'm sure some of his carrying on is pain related. Not just that he's a big momma's boy at the best of times!

Then I caved again a little while ago. Now Anvik is in the computer room with me, lounging on a comforter eating the same chewie he hated a few hours ago! He has pulled the bite-not collar off since I took this, but he's not ripping the gauze off his stitches. I'm just going to leave it off for awhile.

It's nice to hear his voice again, but suspect this two weeks of crate rest is going to feel more like two months for both of us!


dogsled_stacie said...

Oh wow, I feel for you both. Especially when he really gets back to his old crazy self!

The only way mine (and me) can get through moments like that is when they are cone-free and in the cabin. For that, I ALWAYS use the bitter apple spray on their bandages - works like a dream! Even the most stubborn dog is at least slowed down till I notice them trying to chew or lick.

Aww, his poor, sad face in that last pic... :(

Get better soon ya little cutie!!

IndyPindy said...

Oh, poor Anvik! I feel his pain. I hope you both get through his recovery okay!