Friday, February 02, 2007

Only my dog...

This would only happen to one of my dogs! Read'll understand....

Anvik got to come home tonight. When I picked him up, Dr. Rick came out to talk to me about the surgery and recovery expectations. Turns out that the lump was not actually intestines poking out. Anvik had a very definate hernia in his abdomen wall, but the lump was his KIDNEY!!! His freakin' kidney had popped right out of his abdomen!! That is not good, not good at all! In his career, Dr. Rick has seen this same injury once before!! Once!! He said it's so rare it's not even mentioned in vet school and he can't find any mention of it in his reference library. Only my dog would get hurt in such a unique way! It was a complete fluke injury. Annie was in the exact wrong position and the exact wrong time!

The repair did go quite well. There is massive bruising including some in the kidney itself. He has significant muscle tears just above the actual hernia. Those couldn't be stitched. They were too ragged so will have to heal on their own. Unfortunately, due to the kidney damage, no pain meds! Anvik has perked up since he got home, but sheesh, that has to hurt!! Has to!!

So the current rehab plan is this:
-Two weeks of crate rest! Outside to pee, on a leash and right back in his crate!
I will be stocking up on every treat known to man! Anvik has lost ten pounds since he arrived here so he can afford to lay around and snack for a bit!
-In two weeks, the sutures come out and he gets his kidney function tested.
-For the next two to four weeks, controlled, limited exercise. On-leash only, no playing with other dogs, no bouncing around the yard like a kangaroo!
-After that, if he is recovering as expected, Anvik can return to harness--slow, short runs at first.

The good news is he will heal and he will be able to pull again. I don't really care if he ever pulls again, just want my happy boy back, but Anvik would care. He is a working dog and he thrives on it. He would not be a happy camper if he has to retire at 6! He's going to be ticked off enough when he feels a bit better and gets left behind!

The other good news--the bill, while still substantial, was less than I was expecting!


Anonymous said...


Remember to *smile* when you get your picture taken with Anvik ... for the Vet Magazine "Would You Believe" article!

Hope Anvik goes along with the "light duty" program ...
maybe you could get him his own TV with a DVD of sled dawg wearing a helmet-cam on a run.

Sure Hope he keeps *Feelin Better*!!

dogsled_stacie said...

Holy crap! What an injury. And that was from the fight? Weeeeird! Glad to hear he's on the mend though!

And WOOHOO to "substantial, but less than I was expecting" vet bills!! :)

Wouldn't life be BORING without these maniacs!?!