Friday, March 09, 2007

Because I couldn't stand one more minute...

Not one more minute of listening to Anvik howl, wail and carry on about not being allowed to work. I caved a week early tonight and put him in harness. We didn't go far, we didn't climb many hills, but that dog needed to do something! Six weeks is far too long for a working dog to be banned from work!

"Where is my harness? It's the purple one, remember, the large-extra long one?? C'MON HURRY UP WOMAN, LETS FREAKIN' GO ALREADY"

Hobo really wanted to come to and I didn't feel like messing with the gangline to take seven dogs so I only took five(Hobo has to run solo or it gets ugly!). Anvik ran up front with Pingo. He had one small problem when we made our only road crossing. The road looked easier and faster to run on and Anvik thought we should turn. Pingo straightened him out and got us across without any major trauma, just a little tangle!

When we got home, the only problem I could find was a small patch of harness rub. I'll have to add a little extra padding to the spot where his harness crosses bare skin! His fur is just not coming back! He showed no signs of pain or discomfort. I'm sure he would have gone much farther, but I think he should work his way back up to long runs after six weeks of being a crate potato!

He has been blissfully quiet all evening! A tired Anvik is a good Anvik!

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