Monday, March 26, 2007

Finally finished...

After sitting in the yard, half finished; the way I bought it; for two years, my dog box is finally done and on the truck!

Yes, I picked the color myself!

Kennel artwork courtesy of my father-in-law. Nice, eh?

Now I just have to use it!

Can be difficult to convince myself to load everything up when I can get here from my yard!


Anonymous said...

It's a beauty! What a gorgeous shade of purple; it will look great sitting on your truck even if you don't use it to haul dogs around in!


dogsled_stacie said...

I concur! Lovely purple!! No kidding about questioning why to DRIVE anywhere when you can go from your yard!

Since the snow on my side of the hwy is rapidly melting - I should come out YOUR way when we are both FREE (ah, on vacation that is). :)

Now can you come work on the dog trailer that has been right in front of my cabin for a year and a half?!?!

Wandering Spirit Kennels said...

The snow is not melting out here, not much yet anyway. It's like running on a track right now though--very hard and almost freakishly fast. When I have to ride the brake with my slowpokes, you know it's the snow!

I'll send Stuart out your way, if he ever comes home from work! Everyone wants their driveway plowed RIGHT NOW!!

Anonymous said...


Pretty *Snazzie* lookin DogMobile you've got there, Girlie!!

Even if you're going for a Run in the back yard; load the FurKids up and give 'em a ride around the block!

Nice Ride!!

Khady Lynn said...

Cool doggie box! And I love the color!

I also love the view of your yard! I sure wish our yard looked like that!


Jack & Moo said...

Ooouuuuhhh, very pretty! I love the purple & turquoise together. Your FIL did a nice job on the artwork, too. Now we need a shot of it fully loaded with some cute little faces poking out!