Thursday, March 15, 2007

A little late for the cold snap...

But we could still get another cold stretch and now we are prepared for it!

Prepared with 13 cords of beautiful, dry wood! Running out at -40 truly sucks and will not be happening again!

You know it's a lot of wood when the wood guy drives a semi!

Look at it all fall off the truck!

It's good to have friends with big toys!

Like everything else around here, the wood has been throughly inspected by the dogs!

And a little Founder update--Yes, it was a fight. A big, nasty pack fight. I hate those. Of course, I was home alone! Breaking the fight up wasn't the hard part. The hard part came when badly injured Founder went under the deck and would not come back out. I had to get my father-in-law to come over and make a bunch of noise on the deck so Founder would get scared and crawl towards me! I didn't have that brainstorm until I'd been laying in the snow trying to get him myself for over an hour!

At first I thought he had a broken leg. He wouldn't move and when he did finally come out, he made sounds I have never heard before, didn't believe a dog could make and never, ever want to hear again. Those screams pierced my heart! Fortunately, Founder was not as badly injured as it first appeared. All bones, tendons and ligaments are intact. The screams were caused by intense pain which was in turn caused by multiple puncture wounds! He is covered with them. He looks awful, but after three days of good dope at the vet, he was able to come home!

He still looks awful, but he's moving better, eating well, wooing and would really like to be allowed outside more to play. He's a little hard to pill and needs a massived dose of antibiotics. Assuming I manage to get them all down his throat and no infection kicks in, Founder will be fully healed in a couple weeks! That's worth the enormous vet bill!


Khady Lynn said...

I've heard those noises you are talking about and no, they are not good! Thank goodness for a good vet! Hope Founder is feeling well very very soon!!


dogsled_stacie said...

Oh wow, those pack fights are brutal!! You end up physically and emotionally exhausted after screaming and flinging dogs out of the way - only for them to get right back in it!!! I hate that!!!!

Glad to hear he's ok. Poor guy must be soooo sore!

And wow, wood delivery by a semi!!! Sweet!

Anonymous said...

About that Wood Pile ...

Just How BIG is your wood burner?
I never saw one that could handle a Telephone Pole! Must be hoot draggin one of those babies into the house!

Do the Boys with the Big Toys bring in a Tree Eater to trim that pile down into smaller pieces? I can't imagine whacking away at that mountain of wood with a chain saw and splitting maul.

Good Grief! I'm exhausted just thinkin about it!

/s/ Phred from Ohio