Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Some kind of record...

I probably shouldn't even think this, let alone put it in writing.

This must be some kind of record...the only vet visit in just over two weeks has been to get Kayleigh's stitches and staples out. Stitches I could have removed myself; I have some practice at that! I don't have one of those little tools for getting the staples out though. Kayleigh has healed remarkably well. Even more remarkable--she let the vet tech take out all the stitches and all the staples without so much as a hard stare! Tech still has all her fingers! Kayleigh will be keeping Anvik's giant crate. She seems to like sleeping in it and at least in there the worst she can do is rip up a blanket!

Going to find some wood to knock furiously on now!


Khady Lynn said...

So glad she is doing so well!! Hopefully if she tears up the blanket she won't eat it!!!


Anonymous said...

Good Grief!

You otta KNOW Better than to make a comment like that!
Hopefully nobody heard it!

Throw a Pinch of Salt over you shoulder ... now is it right hand over left shoulder; or the other way??

We'll all hope that it's a Quiet Summer with NO excitements!

Glad Kayleigh is feeling so good!

{{{Hugs}}} from Phred

Carol said...

I sure the Vet Gods are sleeping around your kennel right now and you can enjoy a few more weeks of NO BILLS..Mom