Monday, October 22, 2007

Sitka has been claimed...

Sitka the little wandering dog was returned to his owners this afternoon. He must have been playing in the green belt and got disorientated. His house is almost directly behind ours, if you could walk through the mess of fallen trees for a few kilometres!

He went home with a spiffy leather collar on. I hated that choke chain. He was thrilled to see his people, jumped all over them and then made himself comfy in front of the woodstove. Given the amount of noise he made last night, I'm sure my neighbors will be glad he didn't stay any longer too!


Khady Lynn said...

Why do humans use such horrid collars, without any sort of identification!! That's just asking for a "never-to-be-returned" pet. Glad he found his home. Hope this has taught his stupid humans a good lesson.


Phred said...


He was just trying to tell the Front Desk that there was a mistake in his room assignment ...
he'd reserved the Fireplace Suite, NOT an outdoor cabin.

Silly Desk Clerk never answered her phone all nite.


Carol said...

Glad the dog was "found" as your kennel is mostly full! I can brag we have more snow than you tho but no dogs to run in it. Mom

Anonymous said...

Oh nasty collars!!! Wow Sitka sure is a handsome looking dog!!