Thursday, November 01, 2007


"Run? No thanks, I'm good here."

Pingo's not stiff, not sore, and not interested! She's done one training run this fall. She ran nicely, as well as she ever did and looked happy enough doing it. She was 10 in May. I don't think she's too old. She has a ton of energy when it comes to her tennis balls. I think she's just lost her drive. Maybe she'll show more interest when the noisy ATV can be parked and the sled comes out. She's a little spooky and the ATV has never been her favorite thing. It's never been mine either! Otherwise, I guess she's retired and can spend the winter lounging on the couch or her doghouse! Which means Tehya's leader training might be sped up and I'll have to catch Pingo's kid soon.

Sundin hasn't done a single run yet because he won't let me touch him! Happiest dog in the yard when left to his own devices; a confident, pulling machine when I can get him into a harness and a spooky, freaky little dog who much like some of my cats would prefer I just feed him and leave him alone! I do love the little freak!


Khady Lynn said...

AAhhh, Pingo, looks like my kind of job... snoozing!

I think Sundin needs a good squeezing and smooching session to understand that lots of attention is a good thing!


Phred said...

Oh Yeah ... I've started to develop those "I'm good, leave me ALONE!" days myself ... no reason the Senior Pups can't, too.

Top o' the House vrs. runnin your pads off whilst Mom sits on the noisy ATV? I'd go for the HouseTop, too.

Tehya might have to resort to reading the Study Guide for Sled Dawggin!

/s/ Phred & the FurKids

dogsled_stacie said...

I totally understand how frustrating that is not to be able to catch him. I'm sure you've tried bribing him?

What I now do with Loki is start hooking up all the others at the drop chain, then he would naturally come over. He would come "just" close enough for me to be able to sneakily snap him on the drop chain. When he doesn't willingly come, then we're in a bit of trouble. But he usually does. Good luck!

Jack & Moo said...

Aw, Pingo, can't blame you for wanting to enjoy catching those rays insteaad of trying to outrun that darned contraption! Hope you've taught Tehya enough to keep the team from from getting too far off track, or you may get postcards from who-know-where! Sundin, be a good boy, let mom catch you & you'll get to RUN to your heart's content!

Anonymous said...

Oh Pingo is SOOO cute! Sometimes you just have to get a suntan! Tia, my cat sister, does that alot, ha roo!

P.S. My mom is on Sibernet and read the post about Sitka returning to your house.