Friday, November 09, 2007

The joys of being slightly neurotic...

Neurotic or a little obsessive, either term could be used to describe me and my critters. It's also why Kayleigh spent Thursday at the vet clinic. Because I swear Wednesday night her right front leg was swollen and she was limping. I was not imagining that! Despite the fact that she had a full range of motion, pain free, and no swelling by the time the vet looked at her!

It did eventually turn out that I am not completely crazy! Kayleigh has a fatty lipoma under each front leg. Yah, she's a little hefty which isn't helping with those things. Her first owner starved her and food is still a very big deal to Kayleigh. She still worries that someday I am going to forget to feed her. Anyhoo, the lump under her right leg blocks lymphatic fluid from draining when she lays in certain positions. That causes her leg to swell and messes up her gait. It also vanishes when she moves around a bit. Which is why I saw it and why it had disappeared by the time Kim saw it!

Kayleigh went to the quarry to celebrate her "it's not serious and my Mom's not completely nuts" diagnosis. Nothing like a good roll in the snow to celebrate, at least when you are a malamute!


Phred said...

Sounds like *Good News* from the White Coat!

"Neurotic or a little obsessive" ??
Certainly no more so than the rest of us!!
*I've* certainly drug a FurKid or two into the White Coat's Lab only to be told "It's nuffin to worry about" ... Seems to brighten up the Doc's day whenever s/he gets to say that.

And even Kayleigh got rewarded for NOT being sick ... everybody wins except your bank account!

Stay WELL, Kayleigh!
/s/ Phred

Wandering Spirit Kennels said...

Actually, it wasn't even that hard on the wallet. I had a credit on my vet account for some reason so the entire day at the clinic cost me 6 bucks! I spent more on her treats! :)