Sunday, March 26, 2006

Great hordes of snow!

Oh, beautiful snow--heavy, wet, sticky snow, but who cares there is tons of it!

This is what the yard looked like last night. Well, actually, I guess it was very early this morning! A quick trip to the neighbors' turned into a big bonfire and a very late night! But that's not the point right now!

The yard as it looked about noon today. Ooops, should have put a tarp over all that wood!

Earle playing in the fresh stuff. The dogs have been a bit wild today. Many loud games of chase and Husky WWF going on all day long!
Paxil and Boots do not care about snow. Boots has some issues with wet paws and Paxil recently discovered the furniture. Hard to tell she's my lead dog, isn't it!? She is loving that futon!

We didn't go for a run today. This is some very heavy snow. It would be a ton of work for the dogs to break trail and it's pretty warm out. So I decided to let all the guys with skidoos do the work and break the trail for us. I don't work tomorrow so we will be out and about then--with the trail set and no one on it! I love Mondays!

We did go for a run on Saturday. It was a little warm for them, but they were zippier(is that word?) than expected.

Probably helped that I had two big frieght style dogs in wheel, Chase and Founder. Chase just likes to work. He's not all there, but he's a sweetie and a strong puller. Founder is actually in training as a leader, but yesterday he just wanted to tag along. He hates stopping for long. His enthusiasm is contagious sometimes!

Pingo ran well, but when we got home she made her opinion perfectly clear..."It is too hot for this stuff!" She may have had a point. There is something wrong about running a dog team without a parka on!

Founder needed a snow bath too. Course, he's kinda goofy so he might have just felt like rolling around!! Who knows what goes on in his head!?

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