Sunday, March 05, 2006

Still no Delta...

It will be two weeks tomorrow since we last saw Delta. Every couple days I get a phone call from someone saying they might have seen him. The dog is always gone when I get to the spot though. Black and white husky crosses aren't exactly rare around here so I can't even be sure it is Delta people are seeing. I can't believe how many people just let their dogs roam still. I would have 50 dogs if I had picked up every one I've seen running loose in the past few days. Pisses me off, actually. I don't let my dogs roam, my yard is fenced better than the local jail, they all have collars, tags and microchips and I'm still missing one! These people don't even try to keep their dogs home or have tags on them and nothing happens! ARGHHHHH!!!

I have decided that missing is worse than dead. I'd rather find his body than spend the next 10 years wondering what happened to him. Lord knows my brain isn't coming up with any nice things that could have happened! Each possiblity seems worse than the last.

This is the last picture I took of Delta. He was watching me build a fire. He liked to sleep in the ashes after! Silly boy.

I have not given up hope yet. I still look for him every day and call his name all the time. If he's out there, I'll find him.

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