Thursday, March 23, 2006


Delta has settled back in, like he never left. The other dogs accepted him right away. It was like he had been at the vet for a day, not vanished for a month!

The only real difference is he is slightly braver than before. He has slept inside several times, which he never did before. He even seems to want to be in the house. Course, he gets extra food when he's inside so that probably helps! He is HUNGRY!!!

He's always the first one to grab a chunk of meat now or claim a pile of kibble. He used to kinda hang back and wait til the chaos was starting to settle down and then he'd find a place to eat. Not anymore. He's right in there, grabbing meat from my hand even!

He's a little sick of the camera too. I've taken a lot of pictures of him in the last week!

Other stuff happened around here while Delta was AWOL, I just couldn't bring myself to post any of it!

On March 4, Sundin came in the house for the first time. Looks thrilled doesn't he?
He was terrified! So scared I don't even think he noticed the cats! He did not like it in here at all, but I'll spoil him yet. His mother, Pingo, used to be afraid in the house too. Now she believes the futon is her personal property!

He is much happier outside for now! He's come a long way since he first let me catch him in February. Catching him isn't an issue anymore. He happily follows me into his "holding pen", especially if I have a bucket with me. Buckets usually hold food or baited water, both things Sundin adores. He lets me harness him without trying to take my hands off and trots nicely on leash over to the sled. And Wow, can he pull!! He's a little dynamo in harness. He's even adjusted to my neighbor's dog, Daisy, who tags along on every run and usually spends the first mile or so barking in front of the leaders.

And Stuart went back to work, with all his fingers intact! He doesn't have much movement in the crushed one, but it's coming along. No more pins in it and it looks like the doc even saved his nail.

Now I think I'll go take a few more pictures of Delta :)


Anonymous said...

Glad Stuart's Finger made a recovery!!

Let's Hope "bolder & braver" Delta
doesn't make another Great Escape!

/s/ Phred

Wandering Spirit Kennels said...

Hey, Phred,

Braver and Bolder is a relative thing--braver than Delta used to be is still more timid than the vast majority of other dogs. I think the only way he'd take off again is if he followed his brother again. The gate Antare opened has been redesigned to stop that from happening again and Antare is currently banned from the big yard. They hang out together in one of the other pens. Antare will be allowed in the big yard only when someone is home & outside to closely supervise him from now on!