Sunday, March 12, 2006

Paxil lightens things up...

There hasn't been a whole lot of laughter or silliness around here lately. Which is unusual for this place. The sheer number of inhabitants usually ensures something ridiculous will happen almost daily! Paxil, who is very well named, decided to lighten things up a bit this afternoon. I left her in the house for five minutes and came back to find this:

I don't actually feed Ol'Roy. I do feed a much better quality kibble than that stuff, but the dogs love that junk! I use it sometimes as bait in their water. I swear the folks at Wal-Mart add some kind of crack for dogs to that food. When they won't drink, adding a bit of Ol'Roy guarentees they'll lap their bowl clean. When Paxil was really sick and refusing to eat anything, I could get her to eat Ol'Roy. Seriously, it's puppy crack!

Delta remains missing. We've had a few phone calls, but that's it.


Anonymous said...

Great pic! Woof! I petted a very firendly Alaskan Malamute today, by the way!

dogsled_stacie said...

Ha! Too funny Paxil!!

I've never fed Ol' Roy, but have also heard that dogs go NUTS for it!! What the hell do they put in it anyways??!!