Saturday, April 01, 2006

Drunken stupidity taken to a new low...

And not my own drunken stupidity. I have done some stupid things in my life while under the influence, but since my mother reads this we won't go there! ;) But I have never, ever done anything as stupid, cruel and heartless as what I witnessed last night.

I stopped at the local gas station on my way home at about 6pm. It doubles as a postal outlet and I had a care package from my Mom waiting to be picked up. (Thanks Mom!) While I was in the store, car pulled up out front. At first I thought the driver had just let her dog out while she went inside, but something just seemed wrong, so I lurked about for a few minutes and then waited in the parking lot to see what happened when she left. She was clearly intoxicated! She could hardly walk into the store. She should not have been driving a bicycle, let alone a station wagon!

I pulled in behind her and noticed there was no plate on the vehicle. Then she drove off with the dog running/dragging on his leash beside the car . I followed her, screaming out the window and blowing my horn. I did not notice another truck following me, but my neighbor, fellow musher and dog lover, Jeff, was right behind me. She pulled into a driveway and stopped the car. I went running up, yelling words I won't bother to retype. I'm pretty sure my readers can fill in the blanks on what I was yelling at her! Animal control was called while I was driving.

She seemed to be truly stunned that anyone was upset. Could not understand that she had done anything wrong. She just wanted to get her dog some exercise...again fill in the blanks as I came undone. I did manage to restrain myself from hitting her, but it took everything I had. The dog was shaking and terrified, but fortunately, not badly injured. He has some damage to his front paws, but he should be ok.

Animal Control showed up as well as the RCMP. In the end she has been charged with intentionally injuring an animal, drunk driving and a number of vehicle infractions--no plate, insurance ect. She'll probably get in more trouble for the driving charges than the animal abuse charge. At least the dog is safe now though. Jeff and I will have to testify in court. We both gave written statements as well. Mine was six pages long. Jeff was here this morning. We are going to try and make sure the dog ends up somewhere safe, preferably with one of us!


Woofwoof said...

Sheesh. I think they should have her switch roles with the dog. Let the dog drive while she runs alongside with a chain on her neck. I'm glad you got involved.

H.A. Turbofire, Sibertarian said...

Thank Dog you were there!

Janet Whitesell said...

A few years ago, a drunken cowboy in the small town I used to live in forgot he had his saddled horse tied to the back of his horse trailer, and he drove from the rodeo grounds to the gas station, four miles away. The horse kept on his feet for about a mile. You could see right where he went down. The bloody trail was clearly visible on the pavement a YEAR later. When questioned at the gas station, the moron gave several different sorry excuses.

dogsled_stacie said...

Unbelievable!!! Good thing you guys were there. What an idiot. Glad the police took it so seriously and are charging her.

Are you still out on the sled?

Wandering Spirit Kennels said...

If I get my butt out of bed early enough, we are still on the sled! The city finally decided to plow Fireweed so crossing the road is a bit hazardous now! Nice big piles on both sides!