Monday, May 08, 2006

Boys and their toys...

Initially this looked promising..the yard needs to be graded and we had ordered several loads of gravel. However, heavy equipment, mud and snow are not a great matter what my occasionally brain dead husband(and his equally brain dead friends) says to the contrary!

It doesn't show up really well in the picture, but that is snow! It came down for quite awhile yesterday afternoon. Didn't last long, but the ground was already nice and squishy!

You can see how terribly impressed Delta is with this weather!
The grader work proceeded anyway, briefly!

I don't know much about these things, but I'm pretty sure the wheels are supposed to stay on the ground!

Hmmm, this doesn't look right either!

It took awhile, but we did get the grader unstuck and some of the yard graded without further mishap! The gravel even got delivered on time, much to the dogs' delight!

Piles of gravel make great wrestling rings!


sean said...

Awww, poor Delta. That's the same look Yoshi gives me when he's outside and it's raining or even if the ground is just wet.

And even the domestically disinclined (like moi) know better than to move heavy equipment over wet snowy ground.


ExploreNorth said...

Awww man, Stu gets a grader and Cathy says I can't have one!! Not fair!! Great to find your blog just now, TamaraLyn :D


Wandering Spirit Kennels said...

Don't worry Murray, Stuart didn't get to keep the grader, no matter how much he would like to! He can't have one either--not a grader, not a backhoe, not a bobcat.....;)