Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A new Beau!!!

Please allow me to introduce my new Beau!

Handsome isn't he? He is also proof that I should not answer the phone when I see the Humane Society phone number on the call display! My first call of the day at work was from one of the shelter attendants..."We have this old've taken a senior or two before, right?" I am a sucker in general, but old cats are an even bigger weakness!

Beau is at least 13. The shelter staff pulled him from the city pound this morning, where his owner had left him to be euthanized. Not sure what the rest of the story is. He was seen by my vet this afternoon. He has some mild kidney problems, as so many older kitties do, but he's in pretty good shape overall.

He's very laid back and sweet. Full of affection, headbonks and purrs. He drools while he purrs. Stuart will love that! He hates cat drool!!

Welcome home, Beau!


ExploreNorth said...

Congratulations on yor new addition! He's a fine looking gentleman. Isn't cat drool an aphrodisiac or something?? :D

Anonymous said...

Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow!

Carol said...

another senior cat......I keep telling myself that this means you will take real good care of your momma as she continues to become a ya.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Beau,
We're sure you will be very happy!