Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Back to work, Lazy House Huskies!!

After three months of this:

and this:

Tonight the dogs got back to work. I hadn't really planned on starting training again yet, but my neighbor's niece is visiting for Germany. She'd never seen sled dogs before and the weather is cool right now. So she came along for a quad run tonight. Not nearly as much fun as on the sled, but it's always fun introducing a newbie to these screaming maniacs!

The dogs haven't seen their harnesses since April 22. As soon as they realized what was going on, the noise was deafening!

Hobo conserving his energy and laying down to screech at me!

A pumped up Pacer wondering what in the heck is taking me so long to get him harnessed up!

Sweet, gentle little Sundin. Sundin is a timid fella. He hasn't really let me touch him since the snow melted. The occasional quick pat on the head and that's about it. He is one of the happiest dogs in the yard though. He throughly enjoys not being chained anymore. I went down to his pen tonight, harness in hand, expecting to only get Ozzy(who is Sundin's roommate), but Sundin knew what that harness meant and he was coming running! It's the first time he's ever run on the quad for me and he did great!

And my Paxil, my amazing, one of a kind Paxil! She's ten years old, has chronic pancreatitis, has battled cancer twice and she's still screaming to run! There was NO WAY she was being left behind tonight. I have offered her full retirement with couch privledges repeatedly. She has so far refused! She almost broke my ankle pushing out of the way so she could get through the gate first! She ran lead beside Pingo and never missed a stride, responded immediately to every command(including an on-by past a loose dog and at least three squirrels!). Dogs come no better than my Paxil!

They ran a short 5km loop tonight. I thought they needed a break half-way around the loop. The dogs disagreed so their break was quite short! They did remarkably well for rehomed and rescued mutts who have been lounging for three months straight! The tourist enjoyed herself; the dogs and I had a great time too!


Anonymous said...

ha! I love harnessing them up after it's been awhile... it's always insane.

Sigh.... why couldn't all dogs have those great qualities Paxil does eh? Ah, I guess we love 'em all in their own unique way...but still - just think how easy the runs would be if they all passed chirping squirrels and barking loose dogs with ease...

Hey - FYI -check out www.copperhaultwister.blogspot.com - the new (ok, the only) race league in whitehorse for the upcoming season! We are just getting started... but should be fun for small teams/kennels. Think about joining us! :)

Anonymous said...

oh yeah - that HAS to be Franklin sprawled out in the 2nd photo? If not, someone is doing their best Gracie impression!!! Haha!

Wandering Spirit Kennels said...

Hey Stacie

The Copper Haul series sounds great. Head on passing makes me nervous. We only saw one other team last winter, but it sounds like fun...now if Stuart gets my dog box finished, I'll be set to hit the road!

They can't all be like Paxil or we'd have nothing to post about! ;)

and yup, that's Franklin working on his tan! He's a doofus!