Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Last week I was served with a notice to appear in court, to testify against the person(and I use the word loosely) who dragged Nytron behind her car. Today I got a call saying she had changed her plea to guilty. Must have sobered up in the last few days or couldn't find a lawyer willing to take a clear no-win case! Unfortunately, the punishment is merely a fine, not even close to what she deserves, but at least it's something. Since animals clearly mean nothing to her, money probably does! Hopefully the hit to the chequebook will stop her from getting any more animals.

The most important thing is Nytron is safe, well-loved and in place where he will never have to worry about being abused again! His biggest worry now is finding someone to throw his tennis ball, all day, every day!


Meandering Michael said...

How much do they fine for what she did (already knowing that it's not enough)?

Wandering Spirit Kennels said...

The fine is piddly. Because she admitted guilt it's even lower than it could be, about 250 bucks!

Meandering Michael said...


IndyPindy said...

Laws to punish animal abusers are so ridiculously light.

Thank God Nytron is with you, and he is happy and safe.