Friday, September 01, 2006

Freakin' Cats!!!

I love my cats, I really do and usually they cause me much less trouble than the dogs do. So why am I up in the middle of the dang night posting about my cats?? Well, simply because I am too freaked out to go back into my bedroom! Boots the Mighty Hunter Kitty brought me a present tonight. I am quite used to cleaning up mouse entrails and bird feathers. Boots does a fine job of keeping the cat enclosure free of stupid small creatures--only the stupid or suicidal mouse would go into a fenced area full of cats!!

Don't let this sweet face fool you. It hides the heart of feline mass murderer!! Tonight, Boots outdid himself though. He brought me a BAT. Now I have no problem with bats, even like having them around. Those little guys eat a whole lot of bugs. I do have a small problem with bats in my bedroom! I have a slightly larger problem with that situation when my husband has left just hours earlier to go sheep hunting.

So with much screaming, cuz ya gotta scream when a bat is flying around your bedroom, I have shooed the critters out of the room and sealed it off--except for a couple open windows, which hopefully the bat will find it's way out of. I am praying it's not as stupid as the mice that Boots catches and I'm hanging out in the office since I can guarentee it's a bat-free zone!


sean said...

Holy batcave, Batman! :)

Bats are scary as heck, mainly 'cause they're one of the top 2 highest vectors for rabies on this continent. Please please call animal control and get this bat tested. and your cat vaccinated.
And you too.

By the time symptoms appear, it's too late and rabies is almost always fatal. Even if you survive it, you probably won't enjoy your life much, what with the permanent neurological damage and all.

I'm not trying to scare you, really. Bats are cute, I like bats. Just not within 50 ft of me.


Wandering Spirit Kennels said...

Thanks Sean. I did call the wildlife guys. They couldn't have cared less. So I called my vet who echoed the wildlife dept's sentiment that rabies is essentially non-exsistent around here. It has shown up in foxes before in Alaska, but it has apparently been a long time since one was found around here. The wildlife officer I talked to couldn't recall ever finding a rabid bat. Guess that's one more benefit to living in the boonies!

All the critters have up to date rabies vaccinations. It's a requirement to keep my kennel permit. I didn't get anywhere near that thing! I called my neighbor this morning and he kindly removed the bat from my house! His weekend beer binge is on me!


dogsled_stacie said...

OMG - a bat in your house! Just as bad as a bear in your tree!! Ok... worse.

I guess it's the cats just keeping you on your toes eh?

Anonymous said...

"Tonight, Boots outdid himself though.
He brought me a BAT."

Heee-Heeee ...
I take it the BAT was unharmed and
fully flight-ready when presented by said Kat?

You need to get out your Tennis or Badmington racket - they make *great* Bat-Swatters! One must be "quick", however!

Since you resorted to calling the Neighbor - I take it Mr. Bat declined the offer of the open windows?

/s/ Phred from Ohio