Monday, September 11, 2006

Snafu Lake trip...

We spent yesterday kayaking on Snafu Lake. Actually made it to all three lakes in the chain!

The day started out like this. Not pretty, but dang it, I had rented a kayak for Stuart and I've been wanting to paddle this lake all year. A little rain was not going to stop me. Good time to test all the fancy paddling clothes I've bought this year. The Level 6 paddling jacket ROCKS!! Stayed dry and reasonably warm too!

The weather got better as the day went on. It cleared up and the beautiful fall colors were much more visible.

The lake is full of loons(and not just the ones in boats!). I love listening to these birds talk and sing.

For a normal kayaker, if there is such a thing, running into a beaver dam like this one, means "that's as far as I can go, time to turn around." Normal is not something anyone would call my husband, so instead of turning around, like I suggested, we portaged over the stupid dam! (The MEC paddling pants and booties did a nice job of keeping my feet warm and fairly dry)

I suppose the scenery was worth struggling over a few beaver dams! Never did see the beavers though!

8 hours later we made it back to the boat launch in one piece and still speaking to each other! Stuart has decided we need to spend more time together so we are going to buy the kayak he rented. I thought I would like it more than my Carolina. It's a Perception Eclipse 17, longer, lighter and faster than the Carolina. It is a nice boat and I did enjoy paddling it, but getting back into my Carolina was like climbing back into your own bed after sleeping in a hotel for a week--familiar, comfortable and damn nice. Stuart liked the bigger cockpit in the Eclipse and since he has issues with feeling like his legs are trapped, he'll be paddling that boat when we go together. I can take either of them the rest of the time!

One last picture...Little Atlin Lake on the way home. If my arms hadn't been dead weights I'd have been tempted to unload the boats and paddle it too! Oh, well, next time!


IndyPindy said...

Wow, gorgeous pictures!

Heeheehee...Snafu Lake!

Anonymous said...

Snafu Lake?????? and you dare paddle there :)