Monday, September 18, 2006

Annie can lead...

Anvik, aka Annie, Annikins, ect, can lead! He took his first run beside Paxil this afternoon. He did alright. I don't think he's done much leading before. He really wanted to run down the road instead of straight across it. We have to cross one road shortly after leaving the yard. Certainly explains how he got to the highway the other night when he jumped the fence! Yup, he can lead and jump 6 foot fences in a single bound!

He didn't really know the commands, but Paxil does so that wasn't a huge issue. More importantly, Anvik had fun up front! He wasn't stressed by it; he was just happy to be running! Since you can never have too many lead dogs, this is a good thing!

I should just go pay his adoption fee now!


Anonymous said...

"I should just go pay his adoption fee now!

What ARE you waiting for?

/s/ Phred from Ohio

dogsled_stacie said...

Yay Anvik!! He's soooo cute!

Hey, are you going to join the Copper Haul Twister League this winter? If so, or even if you just want info sent out when we do updates, let me know. I'm just putting an email list together so let me know which email address you want to receive info at! Should be a blast!